Linda Griner A.K.A. Lyn Roman was made at Motown, she  started her career after being discovered by Smokey Robinson in Washington DC, Motown.

Berry Gordy  had her relocated to Detroit to be close to the studio which artists had to be there and ready in any moment when it was your turn to record.

Linda  become a Motown artist.

Berry Gordy signed her to Motown when she became of age. Smokey took her to her classes at Woodrow Wilson High school in Detroit.

Linda actually sat in class Smokey  and Cecil Franklin Aretha Franklins brother and Smokey also  he kept a eye on young Linda.

It was quite amazing because Cecil and Smokey  were both brilliant  academic students.

Smokey was Vice President of Motown at that young age  that is very telling, he had the apparent skills to write some of the great songs of this era and be Vice President of  a historical company in the making.

Smokey produced her first single ” Goodbye Cruel Love “which is today a iconic classic and sells for hundreds of dollars .Last original copy sold for $637 Dollars on EBAY.

Linda was groomed to be a mega star and was among all the artists that made Motown great, Who knows if a little girl from Washington DC who grew up in some of the worst conditions and was blessed, if she ever would have been noticed had it not been for a lot of luck and being in the right place at the perfect time at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC performing so she has no regrets!

Marvin Gaye also produced young Linda and Mickey Stevenson at Motown.

Linda had a hard time handling the stress of Motown and wanted out of the contract .
Motown resisted for two years and finally let her go.

She went on to be a sought after artist and was signed to contracts with several majors over time Columbia Records ,Merury  Records Quincy Jones, Brunswick Decca Corp.

Paramount Pictures music division Dot Records and many recording projects through her career.

Everybody wanted to produce her.

Linda has worked with some of the most acclaimed iconic producers and writers of our time.
There are hundreds of recordings, Movie Sound tracks with John Williams, Kirk Douglas. Warner brothers to name a few that are sold world wide with Linda’s voice.

Linda Griner  a.k.a Lyn Roman  recordings are bought by collectors and sites steam Linda as most artists today are mercifully streamed including Universal and Sony.

Linda sits down with Connie Breeze BACKSTAGE WITH CONNIE BREEZE 105.7 a great PODCAST TUNE IN !

They discuss her project  in post production about the movie  and her former brother-in-law,legendary comedian Redd Foxx  and the incredible script co written with Michael Green and Sean McBride ” Seeing Redd”.

This film is  about the incredible   entertainment world.

There will be several episodes with Connie Breeze Backstage stay tuned! The movie is going to be a masterpiece! The trailer is on the web site Enjoy!