Just a little lovin early in the morning


Jun 16, 2003 – The late Gene Weed, He directed first Video for Lyn Roman ” Just a little lovin early in the morning ‘ another Linda Griner Classic sells on EBAY brings large bucks. as most of her records do.

Gene Weed was close to Gerry and directed ‘Just a little Lovin ‘ For Paramount Pictures Lyn Roman.
Gene Weed directed and produced the Academy of Country Music Awards for more than 30 years, will be honored with a special Shivaree (TV series)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivaree_(TV_series) GB DAY WAS also a Gene Weed show Shiveree.

It was created and hosted by KFWB-AM personality Gene Weed, LA’s top nighttime DJ at the time, and who in later years became a producer for Dick Clark …
2014 ACM Honors – Carrie Underwood – Gene Weed.
There is now a Gene Weed award in the Country music Genre