Goodbye Day


GB Day (Goodbye Day) Linda’s great producer Ed Townsend played a integral part in her career. GB day is a Ed Townsend classic. He negotiated and made the case to Quincy Jones and Irv Green Mercury Records to sign Linda Griner a.k.a.Lyn Roman the rest is history. Ed believed in Lyn as they all called her. He was one of America’s great writers he wrote over 200 songs and hits.

He and Marvin Gaye wrote ” Let’s Get it on” spent a lot of days at Linda’s home writing the infamous hit ” Let’s Get it on. Marvin produced one of Linda’s songs “You’ve Got Them Laughing at me”. Linda and Marvin had so much in common being in the predicament of the tight control with their manager Berry Gordy founder of Motown Records.

They shared a great friendship through the years. Linda’s recordings were released on Motown and Gordy records. Linda was under exclusive management and control of Berry Gordy and Motown at the beginning of her career and the company’s emergence into the recording industry. Linda, Stevie Wonder, Marvin all had to endure in those days which is well known the unbelievable control over the artists which led her to New York which is where she was introduced to Ed Townsend which began the next unbelievable chapter in her career.

Ed Townsend was key to her success in the recording industry. He is now considered one of the Masterful writer’s of our time.