Linda Griner Happenings 2017

Redd and Linda Griner aka Lyn Roman HAD A SPECIAL BOND HE WAS FAMILY.

They shared a great sense of humor together and made life funny no matter how hard things were this is priceless!
All the time traveling on the road touring together. Here he’s teasing her telling her not to be so Prissy and eat the damn fried chicken with her fingers.

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The Foxxhole presents Redd Foxx: We’ve Come To Join You, an audio documentary chronicling the life, career and legacy of entertainer Redd Foxx. This documentary gives an unparalleled look into Redd’s life through commentary from comedians Paul Mooney, George Wallace and Eddie Griffin; Redd’s sister-in-law Linda Griner; singer and actress Della Reese-Lett; and producer of the Redd Foxx Comedy Hour.

REDD AND LYN HAD A SPECIAL BOND HE WAS FAMILY. They shared a grea sense of humor and made life funny no matter how hard things were this is priceless! All the time traveling on the road touring together. Here he's teasing her telling her not to be so Prissy and eat the damn fried chicken with her fingers.


Gerry Granahan and Lyn Roman – Hall of Fame

Rick Bellaire

Vice Chair, Archive Director

Rhode Island Music Hall Of Fame

Lyn Roman had begun her major label recording career under her own name, Linda Griner. In 1963, she released one single for Motown which was written and produced by Smokey Robinson. “Good-By Cruel Love” and “Envious” are two of the greatest sides ever recorded by the label and it should have been obvious to all that Smokey had made a major discovery. But, somehow, Motown dropped the ball with this record and Griner was let go from the label despite the fact that Smokey had already cut an entire album on her which remains unreleased to this day. Adopting the stage name of “Lyn Roman,” she reappeared the following year as a Columbia Records artist for one album, “The Many Faces of Lyn Roman.” Although a fine effort, it is more in the style of Aretha’s Columbia albums – standards and pop tunes sung in a jazzy style – and was not a truly befitting setting for one of the greatest soul voices of all time. Following her departure from Columbia, she had become successful on the nightclub scene and was touring extensively with comedian Redd Foxx when she was re-discovered by Gerry. Recognizing her incredible potential, he signed her to Dot and produced what today are considered two of the finest soul albums by a female artist ever recorded, “The Greatest Roman Of Them All” and “A Girl For All Reasons.” Gerry and Linda came up with a combination of down-home soul, uptown production and perfect material which should have done for Griner what the switch from Columbia Records to Atlantic had done for Aretha Franklin, but Dot’s promotional machine failed and the LPs were relegated to the cutout bins in short order. When combined with the disappointing performance of the promo department in regards to some of the other great talents he’d discovered but the label had ignored (such as soul man Phil Flowers, composer-conductor John Williams and future country giant Lee Greenwood), it was just too much for him to take and Gerry gave his notice in late 1969.

(Update, May, 2013: As Lyn Roman, Griner continued on recording singles for Mercury with the legendary Ed Townsend and Brunswick, and became a major star in Europe. She eventually recorded another fine album, “Wanted,” for Ichiban Records in 1987. In the 1990s, she returned to using her real name and released a truly great album for Motorcity/Charly called “Bitter End.” Her 1960s and ’70s records are now considered some of the finest soul music ever recorded and original pressings can fetch hundreds of dollars. In the 2000s, her career has been undergoing a remarkable resurgence. She is still performing and recording and has new album available on her website:


So great was Linda’s fame in England in the late ’60s/early ’70s that she could not only interrupt the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, but she could get these normally staid bobbies to crack a smile!

Care For Me

She is back!

Recording artist Linda Griner AKA Lyn Roman.

Linda has done it  all!Linda Griner a.k.a. Lyn Roman

Against all odds recorded a great  CD ‘Care For Me”.

She teamed up with affluent French producer Arno Elias one of the Music Industry’s innovative producers today who also produced . Buddha bar nature one of the great  worldwide DJ’s.

True love, which was inspired and focused for a James Bond a sleeper.

“Care for me” t” Like a Stone and truly a smash hit “Running Out of Ways, which has been remixed by Chi- Town’s own DJ Baddmixx.

These songs will be recorded again and again.

Each song has a signifigent theme and quality and could easily be a single hit song on it’s own.

Linda has done movie themes for Paramount pictures and National General pictures with John Williams. Her resume is volumes.

She has worked with some if the great artist’s and musicians of our lifetime.

Look out for” True Love “it will  be a movie classic!

Sit back and relax and enjoy Linda at her best!!



Music.Inc, The Movie The Real Story ….

The dream and story is becoming real with the creative love and direction of some of the most loving and talented people I have had the opportunity to work with!

Music, Inc. is the true story of the rise and fall of America’s greatest original export told by one of its unsung heroes. Discovered by Motown at sixteen years old, Linda Griner a.k.a. Lyn Roman. When she was finnally able to break free from her Contract with Berry Gordy she went to New York that is where th e magic began.

Music.Inc takes us on her backdoor odyssey, exposing the underbelly of greed and corruption of an entire industry.

While the public spent billions on the soundtrack of their lives, the artists were starving in the streets, many eventually disappearing into obscurity without fanfare.

Linda’s story of perseverance offers a lens into a world we were never meant to see.

Music, Inc. is a modern day Greek tragedy, ripe with villains, heroes, romance and artistry and survival of the ultimate kind.

My love admiration and gratitude to all of you folks that were a part of making this happen. We are Music.Inc,!!!

A young girl discovered on stage co starring with Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, with the makings of becoming Motown’s first female solo Super Star caught in the middle of a new company “Motown” on the heels of becoming the main stream Giant of the 21st Century.


A Vanity Fair writer is researching a feel good piece about the humble beginnings of Motown and interviews Linda Griner before a show she’s headlining in Palm Springs. It becomes evident there is much more to her story. The journalist uncovers a side of Motown and the music industry no one has ever heard.
The powers that be catch wind of his discovery, immediately discredit Linda, pressure Vanity Fair to drop the story and threaten to ruin his career.
Music, Inc. is a modern day Greek tragedy that parallels the problems all women face.
Linda Griner a.k.a. Lyn Roman


Enjoy Linda singing at her best ‘Dont Worry About me Theme’ in Music.Inc